A Day in the Life of an Extern

February 12, 2022

​Super Excited!!!

This week was the first week of my medical assistant externship, and it was nothing short of amazing!  At first, the process was a bit intimidating because I had to go get my name badge from the security department as well as meet with a couple of employees from the HR department. My meeting with HR was more like an orientation so they could get to know me and see where I would fit in best. Once the HR manager took me to the department (family practice) where I would complete my externship, the true fun began!

Everyone in the family practice department was very helpful and friendly. I spent most of my first day shadowing the lead medical assistant, taking vital signs, charting patients, cleaning and prepping rooms, carrying out doctor’s orders, and discharging patients. The rest of the week, the staff let me loose, and I worked alongside them as if I was a part of the team. Some of the skills I got to perform were rapid strep tests, urine analysis, administering vaccines, setting up and assisting with pap smears, and I even got to help a doctor perform an incision and drainage on a boil. By the end of the week, I felt pretty comfortable navigating around the department and interacting with patients.

Again, what an amazing experience!  I truly feel as if the classroom portion of my medical assisting program prepared me for the externship. My instructor was very knowledgeable and hands-on during class. She definitely prepared me for an externship and a career as a certified medical assistant. Such an awesome experience thus far!

– Jordan Greene