CALRegional Phlebotomy Technician Program Coming to Pittsburg Adult Education Center

February 9, 2023

Pittsburg, CA: CALRegional, in partnership with Pittsburg Adult Education Center, is now offering new opportunities for busy adults to kickstart a new career in the medical field. The popular Phlebotomy Technician Program kicks off this spring.

There’s over 12,000 healthcare career opportunities in Contra Costa County alone. With the addition of our Phlebotomy Technician Program to the area, the community will have an accelerated path in obtaining certification to enter the medical field. 

— Joe Childers, Senior VP of Business Development at CALRegional

CALRegional’s Phlebotomy Technician Program is becoming increasingly sought-after for its accelerated, budget-friendly approach. In just three weeks, students can learn how to conduct venipunctures and other blood-related duties safely.

With over a 90% success rate on the National Certification Exam, those who enter this dynamic course see a high level of success. Additionally, some students are able to find immediate employment following the externship.

The Pittsburg Adult Education Center program kicks off with morning classes on April 17, 2023. Evening and morning phlebotomy courses are available. Tuition is just $2,995 and easy, no-interest payment plans are available! To view the full 2023 schedule, click here.

About CALRegional: CALRegional, short for Career Accelerated Learning Regional Education Centers, started under Adventus Education LLC in 2013 in Fairfield, CA. With accessibility in mind, we began expanding by partnering with more public and private educational institutions. Today, our career training programs are implemented in education centers nationwide. They are responsible for training more than 20,000 students who, in turn, have been hired by leading medical facilities, including KaiserSutter HealthQuest Diagnostics, and LabCorp.